Meet Your Personal Mentor

"PMS”is a powerful acronym for Personal Mentoring Services and signifies a “change of life.” 

While any “change” can be for better or worse, the aspirational goal of “PMS”is the intentional “change of life,” specifically your life, from who you were, to who you will become, by virtue of what you do, each moment, every moment, each day, every day, all the days of your life, with a little help from a “community elder,” your very own personal mentor.

Certainly, there are times, when we can all benefit from a little help from someone who may be a bit older, a little wiser and a lot more experienced in the same, or similar, life challenges that we are facing right now. 

Hopefully that helper will be the “real deal” and have demonstrated ability to provide us with meaningful, useful and relevant help, in a practical, no-nonsense, and easy-to-understand way, without mincing any words and without doing all the hard work for us.

However, the whole truth of the matter is that no one can make anyone do anything they do not want to do.  What is always required of the helper is to earn respect, win cooperation and evolve trust with which to effect influence by consent of the one in need of or requesting help.  

What is so exciting about “PMS,” is the recognition that who you are, is not only just who you were (or even what was done to you, or what was done by you), but rather, who you are, is who you were and what you do about it!  

With the assistance of your personal mentor, you can utilize the “good, bad and ugly” of your past to aim higher and to do better now as your continuing investment today in the future of all of your tomorrows.  If your past is not an issue, then the focus is on the present in terms of where you are and what you want to accomplish.

The process is usually not immediate.  It takes not only time, but more importantly, what occurs during the passage of time.  “PMS” posits that without awareness, there can be no acceptance; without acceptance, there can be no action; without action, there can be no “at-one-ness.” 

If nothing happens, nothing is done.  A highly toxic state of entropy ensues resulting in a sort of living death, no matter how long one lives, such that one is essentially always living to die.

With awareness, there can be acceptance; with acceptance, there can be action; with action, there can be “at-one-ness.”  If something happens, something is done.  A highly excitative state of extropy ensues resulting in a sort of dying to live.  It starts with being “mind-full” as opposed to being “mind-less” about awareness which cuts across all dimensions of human experience.

What is “PMS?”  It is a partnered journey, between you and your personal mentor, along your particular path in life, to help you change your life, for the better, by your definition.

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