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Personal Mentoring Services (PMS) provides you with your own private guide so you can learn how to be the person you have always wanted to become with just a little help from a friend. Listed below are several benefits of Personal Mentoring Services (PMS). Please take a moment to consider how each one may be, especially, applicable to you:

1. Mentoring is about developing the promise and potentials of you, the protégé, mentee or learning partner, inclusive of your deepest hopes, dreams and wishes;

2. Mentoring is about searching for meaning, purpose and value in life and how the “pot of gold” is not always at the end of the rainbow, but often IS the rainbow;

3. Mentoring is about learning how to learn with what you have to work with and then doing something productive, constructive and actionable with what you have learned;

4. Mentoring is about “taking a leap of faith” into and out of yourself and trusting yourself to think, judge and act in ways which are consistent and appropriate with your values;​

5. Mentoring is about you becoming “the master of your fate and the captain of your soul” in service of creating and re-creating your path across all domains of your life;

6. Mentoring is about taking a stand and standing for something which you passionately commit to with meaning, purpose and value;

7. Mentoring is about competing to cooperate, as opposed to cooperating to compete, in a partnered relationship with your personal mentor in which personal responsibility and personal accountability is collaboratively shared;

8. Mentoring is about dream-creating, map-making, and risk-taking, in vivo, as you navigate and integrate your particular path in your life;

9. Mentoring is about informing, reforming and transforming yourself from who you were and who you are to who you will become so that you actively resist deforming yourself unless you must;

10. Mentoring is about living, laughing and loving, at least some of the time, both within and between the vicissitudes of work, love and play;

11. Mentoring is about experiencing the experience of your experience so that your life is always fully lived in an active, independent and prosocial manner;

12. Mentoring is about minding the store with "beginner's mind" respecting what you know, what you don't know and what you don't know you don't know;

13. Mentoring is about you opening yourself up to being mentored and, thereby, investing infra-structurally in your development as a developing mentor.

14. Mentoring is about making magic come true by your doing what is necessary that must be done, knowing full-well that since failure is always an option, mindfully committing to failure, ultimately, never being an option;

15. Mentoring is about saying yes to everything in life, inclusive of “the good, the bad and the ugly” and eventually doing right, no matter what, even if you do some things which aren’t right;

16. Mentoring is all about you, but not only just about you and this may be one of the most important lessons of all to learn because while you may be the center of your world you are not the center of everyone else's world, unless, of course, you are a child!

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