1. You are smart, successful, and serious about your commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth.
  2. You have sojourned many arduous ’miles’ and are invigorated by the challenge of new experiences.
  3. You evince deep and profound respect for the mystery, awe and wonder of the universe and your place in it.
  4. You understand that there is much that you know, much more that you don’t know and...
  5. You appreciate that which you don’t know you don’t know.
  6. You truly seek oneness with the universe and therefore embrace all similarities and all differences.
  7. You are student of life, love and loss.
  8. You wear “long pants” insofar as you are no longer a child only engaged in narcissistic self-interest.
  9. You “get” that your life is about you, but not only just about you.
  10. You are a “work-of-art-in-progress.”
  11. You are capable, competent and creative but are ever-vigilant for guidance by capable, competent and creative mentors.
  12. You intuitively know that “Life = Work + Love + Play” and you are ready, willing and able to engage.
  13. You are an alpha-oriented graduate student of life.
  14. You predicate your words and deeds upon a well-defined and continuously refined values system.
  15. You struggle with discriminating competing and conflicting ambiguities when black and white won’t do.
  16. You manifest your “CHI” with Courage, Honor and Integrity
  17. You “CHIRP” when you behave consistently and appropriately by applying Respect and Perseverance to your “CHI”.
  18. You are a kind, humble and decent human being.
  19. You challenge yourself to challenge others to challenge you, ad infinitum.
  20. You require worthy “spirit-guides” to multiply the unique potentials and talents within you.
  21. You need to lead an authentic life which is filled with meaning, purpose and value.

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