PMS "Let There Be Life"

Life is a verb, not a noun. As such, it is active, not passive; organic, not static; alive, not dead.  It has been said that one cannot step in the same river twice.  The “river of life” is forever in flux. Even the hypothetical constructs of space, time and perspective are relative.

And if there really is one absolute constant in nature, then, surprise… you are it! 

Life presents us with the consummate challenges to be and not to be; to do and not to do.  At each choice point, we must concomitantly navigate and integrate our emerging and evolving adaptive competencies consonant with the multiplicity of adjustive demands. 

Essentially, our goal is to balance the imbalances of the universal forces of permanence and transformation.

Life requires “CHI” for us to thrive.  In Eastern tradition, “CHI” refers to energy or spirit or that nameless quality in an individual which enlivens them.  If “the force is within you”, then you are your “CHI”.  In the Personal Mentoring Services (PMS) tradition, “CHI” is an acronym to represent: Courage-Honor-Integrity. 

“CHI” are those templates within which and upon which life is lived.

Life necessitates reconciliation between that which is sweet with that which is bitter.  Hence, life is bittersweet.  Nowhere is it written that life is fair.  It is what it is and what you do with it.  If you do something with your life, something happens; if you do nothing with your life, nothing happens.  You have an opportunity to do for yourself what is necessary that must be done.

Life = Work + Love + Play.  There is implication to everything with impact and consequence. If a butterfly flaps its wings in the Philippines, scientists now know that it can actually influence a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, thus the phrase: “butterfly effect.” 

Everything counts and everything matters… beginning and ending with you.

Life will not be denied unless you surrender your “CHI”.  The characterologic triumvirate of Courage-Honor-Integrity makes life livable by readying us to set the bar of personal expectations high and then to go for it with meaning, purpose and value.  Six “e’s” follow: to be effective, efficient and ethical in each and every endeavor. 

You either are living to die or dying to live. 

Life reminds us that the unit of relevance for your life is and must always be you.  You have a duty, obligation and responsibility, as well as, an incredible opportunity, to take very good care of you and to tend to you the way you need, want and require tending to. 

On the other hand, your life does not occur solely within a vacuum but rather within a complex nexus of psycho-bio-social-geo-politico-economic variables.

Life is the prime directive. You are the "director" of your life. 

PERSONAL MENTORING SERVICES (PMS) is here to help you live.

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