PMS "Dance of Love"Love is the mutual exchange of vulnerabilities within the context of a non-territorial, non-possessive and non-exploitative relationship.

It is further characterized by earning respect, winning cooperation and evolving trust, whereby, permission and encouragement “to be or not to be’ is counter balanced by the consistent challenge to become!

Ultimately, it is up to each partner, in a healthy, mature adult-adult relationship, to design, develop, implement, maintain, nurture and make “love” into their own image.

Fundamentally, “you love the way you learned to love”.  In the formative stages of life, love is necessarily and more appropriately focused upon what you get or receive from the "outside-in".

In the developed stages of life, love is necessarily and more appropriately focused upon what you give or gift from the "inside-out", preferably, with open arms and no strings attached.

To love another presumes you have enough of what you need of love for your self.  If you are sufficiently “full-filled” then you will usually have enough reserves in the love “tank” to go long and deep.  However, if you are running low and discover that your tank is almost empty, then it will be critical that you “tank-up” in order to be “filled-full” or even filled a bit to go anywhere.  

Like a high-performance Lamborghini, you do not need to have a completely full tank of gasoline to make the vehicle go from here to there, but you do need at least some gas in the tank to make it operate if only for a short time. 

Love is like fuel; if it is “fill-fulled” with what it needs to go, the “vehicle” of a loving relationship will go in the direction of being “full-filled”.

Love is what it is.  If you reify it, it becomes an inanimate object or worse, a commodity.  If you actualize it, it ceases to be an “it” and in the ensuing transformation, becomes an “is”. 

Love is what love does.  If what it does is only to reflect transactional appraisals, then love is like a mirror.  If what it does is to make the darkness visible, then love is the light and lights the way.

The heart is a common symbolic representation of love and reminds us of the saying “home is where the heart is”, the “hearth” being at its center or core where love is created, cooked-up and consumed, as needed, wanted or required by its members.  The key principle is to be found in the Latin phrase, Cor ad cor, or heart-to-heart.  Hence, the rhetorical question:  how does the heart transfer love from bridge-to-bridge? 

In our view, people, places and circumstances may vary, but the character of the love never does!

PERSONAL MENTORING SERVICES (PMS) can help your "dance of love".

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