With PMS your goal sets the mark

Work is that force which is acted upon a person, place or object to cause its displacement. 

Work, therefore, requires a consistent and appropriate investment of “blood, sweat and tears” to produce, create or render an actionable outcome.

The result can either be positive and constructive or it can be negative and destructive. The “proof of the pudding” is in the result.

To impact the result of one’s work endeavors, something has to be done.  A forceful action needs to occur in order to alter the inertia of the moment. 

Nothing happens if nothing is done.  If something happens, something is done. What is necessary that must be done?  Whatever is necessary that must be done.

Consequently, it is equally important to make explicit your goal as it is to completely commit to your goal, with single-mindedness of purpose.

The goal sets the mark and provides you with a destination point.  Without a goal, it probably will not matter much what you do, like beginning a journey with no destination point in mind.

It has often been said that “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”. 

Such passion dares you to both experience and to know at a very deep level that each and every one of your actions matter in the larger tapestry of your work.

Everything is connected to everything starting with you and ending with you.

So unless you view your work as just another job, then the alternative is to make all of your work “a labor of love”.

PERSONAL MENTORING SERVICES (PMS) helps you whistle while you work.

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